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Three friends try to revive a fourth who's fallen unconscious at a Friday night party gone wrong.

The Closet

Two strangers rely on each other for survival while hiding out in a closet during a school schooting.

To Jada on Her 16th Birthday (audio story)

A mother writes a letter to her daughter revealing the harrowing truth about her estranged father. 

If you like teen fiction with girt in its teeth,then you've landed in the right place. 

There is a drought of hard-edged teen fiction today.

No one's writing stories about kids like Elmore Leonard (RIP) would have.

If you agree then take a drink of these 3 stories on me. Fill out the form below and enjoy.

If they're not your thing, no biggie. Come back anytime. We’ll be here.

sample from Glucagon


Mitzi heard the thud from the hallway. She had been waiting the last eight minutes to use the bathroom, but not to pee. Jacque had scored an eight ball and the two of them were biding their time until it was their turn to blast off by sticking their tongues down each other’s throat when the bathroom door shook like bass drum.

sample from The Closet


She had fled the library and made her way through the 700 hallway when it began. The hall was infused with kinetic horror. An aimless frenzy of kids and adults bound in a reckless pact of mass confusion, like an anthill that had been trounced by giant with a deadly weapon. No one knew what to do. They just ran. Lisa couldn’t run. The fear had taken hold and wouldn’t allow her to move any faster than a sloth in a waking dream.

sample from To Jada on Her 16th Birthday


Someday soon you’ll ask me about your father and I won’t tell you the truth. I’ll do what mothers do and try to convince myself that protecting you from the truth is the best thing for you. You deserve to know the truth, but I feel it’s best to wait until you’re grown to give it to you. And now that you know, I’ll understand if you hate me. I don’t even know where I’ll be when you read this.


Fred Smith is an author, filmmaker and product of the Florida Public Education System. His first book Invisible Innocence: my story as a homeless youth is a nonfictional account of Maria Fabian, a former homeless youth who spent two months of her senior year living alone in an abandoned apartment with no electricity or running water. His films The Kids in the Shadows and The Invisible Youth of America have been instrumental in combatting the issue of homeless youth in his hometown of Tampa, Florida and beyond. 

These 3 free stories offer a preview of Fred Smith's new book.


How Long Can a White Girl Last on Nebraska Avenue? and other stories of wayward youth presents a melting pot of teens trying to find their way in a world that's long on hardship and short on mercy.

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